Australian Adobe Director tells Aussies to Fly to the U.S to Buy Cheaper Adobe Products

Managing Director of Adobe in the Australia/New Zealand Region, Paul Robson. Photo: Sydney Morning Herald
Managing Director of Adobe in the Australia/New Zealand Region, Paul Robson. Photo: Sydney Morning Herald

Paul Robson, the Adobe managing director of the Australia/New Zealand region has told a panel that Australians are better off flying to the United States to buy a cheaper version of boxed Adobe products.

An inquiry headed by Australian members of Parliament seeks to find out why the region is slapped with extra expenses for virtually the exact same product sold in the U.S. Companies being investigated include Apple, Microsoft and Adobe.

“They (Adobe Creative Suite 6) are effectively the same product.” said Labor MP Ed Husic, an advocate of fixing IT product pricing to line up with the U.S. “It’s not really much different, so I don’t know why Australian consumers are charged over $1000 more for your product here for what doesn’t seem to be much localisation.”

Robson told the inquiry that if they didn’t like the pricing, then just buy something else (probably because they don’t care because they just sold a product that’s valued more than an average Australian’s weekly wage). “They can choose to go to America and buy it from local American businesses [or] they can choose to import it from local American partners,” Robson said. Adobe’s US software can be used in Australia but not covered by warranty, he said.

The inquiry noted Robson’s argument of Adobe’s education pricing, citing that even though the student gets 21% off, it’s still at the marked up 50% price, keeping 70% profit regardless.

Robson claimed that Australian’s can just buy the Cloud versions of the product, forgetting that Australians don’t have a high download cap.

Adobe sells the Creative Suite, that contains the popular program Photoshop, used by most graphic designers, image creators and photographers.


In short, screw you Paul Robson.


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