Chicago Tribune posts tribute as film enthusiasts mourn legendary film reviewer Roger Ebert’s death

"Saved you the aisle seat, Roger", the Chicago Tribute honours Roger Ebert and his collegue Gene Siskel
“Saved you the aisle seat, Roger”, the Chicago Tribune honours Roger Ebert and his collegue Gene Siskel

Film enthusiasts, film makers and the internet have honoured the late legendary film critic Roger Ebert after he passed away.

Roger Ebert passed away on the 4th of April after losing his battle against cancer. He was 70.

A massive outpouring from film lovers, fans of Ebert and critics alike have paid tribute to the man who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind in his movie reviews.

Roger Ebert's final published words
Roger Ebert’s final published words

Michael Moore began retweeting posts honouring Ebert, while Reddit’s /r/Movies subreddit changed their Upvote/Downvote arrows to Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down, in memory of his method of reviewing movies.

Prominent figures, such as Barack Obama and Steve Martin, expressed their reaction to the Pulitzer-prize winner’s death.
“The movies won’t be the same without Roger – President Obama”, the President’s Twitter handle posted.

He became more prominent in the public eye after he collaborated with Gene Siskel, a film critic, and colleague at the Chicago Tribune, with the movie review show “Siskel & Ebert At the Movies”, which started in 1986 and ended after Siskel’s death in 1999.


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