Alright, repeat after me Australia, “We are racist. Only casually though.”

Former One Nation Leader and known racist Pauline Hanson.

Australia in the recent past has always established, always advertised that we are a multicultural country, but it’s only been 40 years (1973) since the White Australia Policy was abolished. There are a lot of people who were alive when the policy was alive and kicking.

The policy itself ran in full strength for 49 years until it was slowly dismantled.

"Australia for the Australians" - A slogan used in 1906
“Australia for the Australians” – A slogan used in 1906

So what’s the issue here? The image I posted above with Pauline Hanson was a screenshot from Channel 7’s Sunrise morning show. Her running isn’t an issue. We’re allowed to have anyone run for seats as long as they associate with a registered party. The problem isn’t that she’s a straight up racist.

The problem? The amount of people who support this woman. The amount of people who commented on Sunrise’s post AGREEING with her stance on immigration. In a multicultural society, anyone would expect a torrent of comments explaining how she’s a terrible person, she advocates hate, she advocates racism.

NOPE. The posts on this photo actually enraged me. I was sitting in a library. The people around me were of varying races. “This looks like a multicultural society” I thought to myself. I expected an attack on the woman who famously asked journalist Tracey Curro to “Please explain” what a “xenophobe” was. Instead, what I got was a wave of support for the woman who asked “Do we want or need any of these people here?” Here’s some examples, and yes, against the idea of anonymous posting, I will name the people who posted the comments, because I believe racists should be accountable.

OMG some people on here really need to find the REAL facts of Pauline Hanson !! Open your eyes 
She is what this country needs right now , someone with some guts and gall to tell them all where to go and put our country back into the once peaceful country it use to be … don’t like it .. GO HOME back to where you came from – Heather Round

Love her and everything she stands for, she has a true blue passion for Australia, I dont understand how so many aussies dislike her, perhpas they are actually not aussie but are foreigners hehehe – Evan (&) Cathy Jones

Good on you Pauline, finally someone who cares about cleaning up this god dame country, and yes your so right Kathryn waters , every one is tooooooo scared to say the truth , but not our Pauline ….. –Sharon Birch

There are about a hundred comments like this. The comment by Heather Round in particular, had 162 likes.
(Link to comments section. Be warned, anyone with a reasonable and intelligent mind may be enraged)

So, when will Australia’s underlying racism burst out of the ground? Our racism has become so casual that when we throw political correctness out of the window, it becomes OK when it’s said in a group of like-minded people.

In saying that, I’d like to remind people about a small gathering of people in 2005 in the small town of Cronulla. Oh wait.

Just a small peaceful prot---- oh. Australia's underlying racism in full force during the Cronulla Riots. Middle Easterners were particularly targeted.
Just a small peaceful prot—- oh. Australia’s underlying racism in full force during the Cronulla Riots. Middle Easterners were particularly targeted.

Thousands of people gathered in a show of hate towards primarily Middle-Eastern peoples. Australia’s bubbling racism is showing in patches in public and social media. Recently, Sydney Swans player Adam Goodes was called an ape by a little girl. Although there was outcry, the people around her had the same racist sentiment. The little girl had learned of racism and had become one herself.

Racism is becoming a regular part of Australian life. Racism is rife around the world, but althought Australia prides itself on being a multicultural society on the outside, but a growing racist sentiment lurks beneath the surface.

Videos are popping up showing people of ethnic descent being racially abused on public transport.

A Caucasian woman hurling abuse at an Asian schoolboy on public transport in Australia.
A Caucasian woman hurling abuse at an Asian schoolboy on public transport in Australia.

In similar situations, a racial war nearly broke out between whites and Muslims in England after the beheading of a British soldier by Muslim men.

Why people still think this is ok is beyond me. Like guns and sex, I think it deserves a spot of education in our schools. It’s one thing to be politically incorrect. It’s another thing to be a close-minded, unintelligent racist.


One thought on “Alright, repeat after me Australia, “We are racist. Only casually though.”

  1. Russel James Noble, get out of my country you gook faggot. You’re gonna get bashed trying to tell us how to run our country.

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