Chet Reviews: Call of Duty: Ghosts – Infinity Ward, we need to talk. (Spoilers ahoy)

Riley, the marketing point of Ghosts. (Credit:
Riley, the marketing point of Ghosts. (Credit:

Call of Duty, I’ve stuck with you through thick and thin. I’ve played nearly every single Call of Duty to date, even the DS versions to CoD: Big Red One on the Gamecube. But it’s time for you to take a break. You’re not a terrible game (and neither is this entry into the Call of Duty franchise). but we gamers are experiencing FPS Fatigue.

To be honest, this game came without hype and continues to sit in the dark, waiting to fade into obscurity until the superior multiplayer from Treyarch appears next year. What shouldn’t be forgotten however, is the campaign. Which is why I’m splitting this into multiple parts. Campaign, multiplayer and the new game mode, Extinction, IW’s response to Treyarch’s successful Zombies mode.

Presumably Riley.
Presumably Riley.


Infinity Ward are well known compared to their CoD counterpart for their story-telling ability. The story is typical of any FPS game. Good versus evil, while trudging through endless corridors of enemies (in this case, faceless South Americans).

This paragraph alone is about Riley. This dog was the focal point of IW. They marketed the hell out of CoD Dog. The behind-the-scenes of the creation of Ghosts constantly referred to the dog’s behaviour and how it was motion-captured from an actual Seal German Shepherd. This, I believe, was false advertisement. You see the dog in about 5% of the storyline. He features more in the multiplayer (as a guard dog scorestreak) than in the actual multiplayer. Disappointing. A lot of people predicted that Riley would play a big part in the story. The only touching moment was when he came into the scene, got shot and you had to carry him through an uninspiring section in Las Vegas.

As for the story, I felt that it was only above average. It felt like a generic shooter. I didn’t feel for any of the characters at all, except maybe Hesh after your dad gets killed. Rorke was a good villain, but I felt he was lacking until the end. The premise of a sequel excites me however, simply because it could be a take on the antagonist side of things.

Overall, the story was a little lacking, as were the characters. Riley was hardly an important story object. The ending was a lot more exciting than the entire campaign.

Screenshot from multiplayer
Screenshot from multiplayer


Ah multiplayer. You’d think we would learn that it’s the same every time. But we’re sheep, herded in by Riley. I don’t know what I was expecting.

The maps are a clusterfuck. I constantly find myself not knowing the landmarks of the game unless it’s the main road or main pathway. I can chalk this up to map experience. Maybe it’ll be ok when the maps become more familiar. But I feel like everything is just thrown in without regard to engaging actual gameplay.

Killstreaks are fine. Nothing bad about them. Again, something that takes getting used to, but it’s largely the same as Modern Warfare 3. You do get a dog after a 5 killstreak in the Assault class, which is p cool.


Spawns deserve it’s own category. Right now, they’re trying to improve the spawn system gradually. But the experiences I’ve had have been absolute trash. The spawn logic is terrible. There have been times where I’ve spawned around the corner from three enemies. Granted, it wasn’t one of the biggest maps, but if I turn around and I’m looking at the back of the enemy, something is wrong. There have been times on giant maps where I have died, and my spawn marker (the YOU above you head) has appeared in the killcam. That is disgusting.

They cannot use this game on the MLG Pro Circuit until they fix the fundamental spawn logic system. I am not saying this as a frustrated gamer, I am saying this as a former competitive FPS player.



This will be the shortest section as it is the mode that I have had least experience with. IW’s response to Treyarch’s zombie mode, but with aliens. It acts as a horde/defence mode where you defend a point for a certain amount of time. I feel like this mode was rushed in. I think IW felt that people were tired of the zombie overload, and wanted to intro something new.

Money is usually never an issue, the only problem is user-based (aiming, decision making). It’s not boring, but it’s not exactly fun either. To be fair, I’m not a fan of CoD zombies either, as I feel like it was simply too repetitive.

I would’ve kept the mode fun Spec Ops mode. Horde modes are fun and all, but I would’ve preferred to reach storyline-type objectives rather than fight an enemy after 20 waves.

Final Word:
Overall, it’s not a terrible game. I feel this one was trying to appeal to a new crowd and the hardcore crowd, but it never completely reached either. It’s not a boring game by any means. It still has the excitement of an IW-driven campaign and the normal CoD multiplayer experience. However, it’s the little things that need to be fixed before this can be played as a complete game. I would only buy this if you have friends to enjoy the game with.


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