Smartphones, dumbpeople pt2. (forgot to rant about camera phones at concerts)

Don't be that guy. (Credit:
Don’t be that guy. (Credit:

To quote Ryan Key of Yellowcard (at least, this is what I remember, because I didn’t record the concert): “And please, don’t enjoy the show from the view of your shitty screens on your phone. We’re performing to you and not your phone.”

This is an addition to the last thing I posted (was reminded by Stereosonic being on today), but please. Leave your camera phone in your pocket. Please. For the sake of concert goers and the performers, don’t think that you’re capturing a beautiful moment by obscuring the view of the people behind you.

The photos you take will be uploaded on your Facebook and you will forget about them soon after. I will admit, I can be accused of doing this. But I’m also a midget and can use it as a visual aid.

To add to this (all my paragraphs start with T, omg Illuminati), please don’t RECORD with your phone. Unless you’ve got a boom mic attachment (and let’s face it, who does?) on your phone, the sound quality will be horrendous and may give you nightmares. All you’ll hear is static simply because standard phone mics can’t pick up music that well. So please don’t do it.

Capture a memory. But don’t ruin it for the people behind you.


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