Gaming peripherals, which one should you choose?

I don't have a Razer bias, I swear.
I don’t have a Razer bias, I swear.

There’s a plethora of gaming accessories on the market, but which one is the right one?

Sorry to get you hyped, but there really is no correct answer to this. But there is a way to make a ‘right’ choice.


Experience. It’s all about the experience.

What do I mean by experience? There is no way to get the right keyboard, no way to get the right mouse until you try them out. This isn’t a cost-effective way of doing things, if you buy each mouse until you find hand nirvana. But there are favourable ones that have been tried and tested. You’ll never know the right peripheral until you try them out. Find people with different stuff and give them a shot. Personally, I found my base with a Blackwidow keyboard, even though I’ve used many in the past, both mechanical, regular and chicklet key ones. And it’s made everything I do more efficient, because it fit the way that I needed it to fit.

One of my favourite examples is Kerp, the mid-laner for Millenium, a professional European League of Legends team. Dude uses a trackball mouse. That’s so hardcore. But he’s one of the best EU players, all while using an unconventional peripheral.

Kerp's weapon of choice.
Kerp’s weapon of choice.

The mumbo-jumbo blue, red, green, brown, black switches.

Mechanical keyboards are generally the ones you look to when looking for a gaming keyboard. In my honest opinion, gaming keyboards are great, but there’s so many different variables in terms of switches and key types.

If you’re looking at the switches, ask yourself this. Are you a professional gamer? Are you Doublelift or Froggen? Nope? Then the intricacies of MX switches really don’t matter as much, unless you’re looking for a quiet mechanical keyboard, in which case, look for a keyboard with MX Cherry Brown switches.

Other than that, the different actuation points? Doesn’t matter at all. No need to worry about em. It’s all about the feel and the noise.

If you do want to know the difference between them though, here you go:

Need more switches.
Need more switches.


Another wgaf point. Unless it’s from a known shifty manufacturer, then you’ll be ok. One of the more revered gaming mice guides has 10 different brands for 18 different mice. Literally: Razer, Roccat, Tt eSports, Logitech, Microsoft, Coolermaster, Gigabyte, Corsair, Mionix and Steelseries.

The aforementioned mouse guide.
The aforementioned mouse guide.

Why can’t I hold all these buttons?

One of the major selling points of mice like the Razer Naga is the customisable, multifunction buttons. Razer did the same with their controller range (Onza had 4 multifunction buttons, while the Sabertooth has 6, two shoulder and 4 rear triggers ala N64 controllers).

If you find that you’ll use all the buttons on the mouse efficiently, especially for games like MOBAs, RTS’ and MMORPGs, go for the multifunction button mice. Most already have a couple of extra function buttons, while some are specifically made for the purpose of having such flexibility with the buttons and your hands (Looking at you, Naga and your 12 button thumb placement).

Personally, I went for the Naga Hex, with 6 MFBs on the thumb because I played a MMORPGs at the time, but I felt that my keyboard hand would do a good enough job without adding more movements to my mouse hand.


Need more dpi.

DPI is the dots per inch (I think) that the mouse moves at. In simple terms, the higher the DPI, the faster the mouse moves from point A to point B. Again, this is a preference thing, much like customisable sensitivity. I played (and did well) with a 2 sensitivity, while other people played at 10.


It’s all a preference thing.

Sure, there are guides, reviews and such, and there’s objective things about different products, but like photography, it’s not the camera, but the person behind it. Kerp proves this by being one of the best League of Legends players in Europe, all with a trackball.

Give it a feel, see if it’s right for you, and go for it. I’ve personally felt right using Razer gear (Blackwidow, Naga Hex, Krakens and a Goliathus Control mat), not because I chose a brand and stuck with it, but I bought the individual parts at different times, had a feel and decided and adapted to them.


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