My Work

Below is a compiled list of work that I have produced.

For the radio station, 2SER 107.3fm, I produced a weekly segment called Tech Talk, dedicated to technology and gaming headlines, as well as announcing video game releases and global sales rankings. I also conducted interviews with prominent gaming and technology experts, including Brad Allen of Avant Garde, Michal Napora of Techland, and Dana Jan and Garret Foster of Ready At Dawn. All shows were recorded and produced by myself and broadcast on The Daily. I have also produced segments in regards to environmental news.



















20150219 (The Order: 1886)


Greenroom Sydney (GR) was a collaboration with fellow University of Technology Sydney journalism students. GR focused on bringing enviro-conscious Sydneysiders together, and producing stories relevant to our niche audience. The publication was launched on the 22nd of May, after a month-long social media campaign was initialised to generate hype and interest for our target audience.


Avant Garde (Av) are a premier competitive gaming organisation based in Australia. The organisation sponsors some of the best players in games such as League of Legends, Smite, Call of Duty and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. As the Av Media and Content Administrator, my job not only consists of managing a team of content writers, but also writing content for both the website and all social media platforms. Most, if not all content and posts seen on the Avant Facebook and Twitter (@avantgaming) are written by myself and my assistant, Alana Young.

Photos of Avant at LAN events:


Techly is a website under the umbrella of Conversant Media. The site covers all things technology, including mobile, mobile applications, technology and gaming news. The company has also sent myself to represent their brand at events such as the Sony media event for the launch of Ready At Dawn’s ‘The Order: 1886′, EB Expo and EA journalist review events. The site garners 751000 views a month, with 581000 unique viewers per month.

Feb 2015 releases –
March 2015 releases –
Dying Light review –
The Order: 1886 developer interview –
August 2015 releases –
October 2015 releases –
Turner CSGO TV tournament –
September 2015 releases –
Twitch Plays Dark Souls –
EB Expo Wrap-up –
Weekly Gaming Wrap-up –
Weekly Gaming Wrap-up –
Need For Speed: First Impressions –
November 2015 releases –
Need For Speed: Full Review –
Interview with Courtenay Taylor (Voice of female Fallout 4 survivor) –
Weekly Gaming Wrap-up –
Fallout 4: Full Review –
December 2015 releases –
Star Wars Battlefront: Full Review –
Sony’s 20th Anniversary coverage –
Techly Gaming Awards –
January 2016 releases –
Weekly Gaming Wrap-up –
Firewatch: Full Review –
Farcry Primal: Full Review –
Cross-platform Multiplayer –
April 2016 releases –
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Preview event –
Microsoft unveils ‘Holoportation’ –
Reddit previews innovative touchscreen mirror –
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered announced –


The Roar is a sporting news and opinion website. Much like Techly, it is under the Conversant Media brand. As a ‘mainstream’ sports site, I write eSports content. With 4.4 million page views a month, and 1.3 million unique visits, it is one of the largest sporting websites in Australia.

Oceanic Esports: An Introduction –
OCE Orgs: Legacy Esports –
Prize pools and region sustainability –
League of Legends Oceanic Pro League: Legacy vs. Chiefs grand final preview –
HOYTS to broadcast League of Legends events –
Chiefs defeat Legacy in OPL Grand Finals –
Crown Casino CoD World League Invitational –
Interview with Chief Egym and Chief Swipe3rR –
CyberGamer Autumn LAN wrap-up –
Renegades CS:GO finish 2nd at PGL KeSPA Asia Minor –
Is Overwatch the next big eSports title? –
Sporting Legends and European Giants invest in eSports –
OPL Finals Preview: Legacy vs The Chiefs –
OPL Grand Finals Interview: Chief Swiffer and Chief Spookz on another El Classico –
eSports Parallels: The Spine –
eSports Parallels: Support and Coaching Staff –
eSports Parallels: Governing Bodies –
LoL World Championships: QF Preview and Predictions –
LoL World Championships: SF Preview and Predictions –
LoL World Championships: GF Preview and Predictions –


SBS PopAsia (SBS Audio and Language Content) is a multimedia coverage program by SBS that covers music from the Asia regions. The show is broadcast on radio and television, with an online component with the stories. My time at SBS ALC was primarily editing audio packages for radio broadcast, as well as assisting the team in the production of the Sunday TV show.

Flush Arcade is a online platform, with written news about gaming, technology news, applications and mobile tech. Starting off as a mobile game developer, the company has decided to include news along with their online presence.

iPhone 6 first impressions –
EB Expo Wrap-up –
Xamarin acquires RoboVM –
What the TPP means for Tech Users –
Light-Transmitted Wi-fi –
Project M –


In addition to the above, I have also compiled a list of journalism assignments I have completed during my time at university.

Running Fans Sydney story:

Marriage Equality news story:

iPad for Schools program:

Senate Hearing for the Biodiversity Act amendment:

Aeromedical Retrieval Service Plans to Move from Kiama to Parramatta:

Running Man Cast Mobbed in Melbourne:

St. Mary’s Senior High School Haiyan Relief Concert:

Tap Gallery Closure:

Tap Gallery Radio Feature:

Air Pollution Radio Feature (also featured on 2SER):



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